On the Mend…

I’ve got plenty of time on my hands, so thought I would write a quick update.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, British hospitals offer far fewer humor moments.  They are really luxurious and efficient compared to their Portuguese counterparts.

After my visit to the fracture clinic on Friday, where it was deemed I didn’t need surgery, I sort out a second opinion.  Not because I didn’t trust the doctor, but because I wanted to be sure the course of treatment was going to result in the best outcome.  Fortunately a close family friend knew the consultant hand surgeon at Basingstoke Hospital, so a few phone calls later and I had an appointment to see him on Wednesday.  However, on Monday, I was on my way up to London with Mum when I got a call from the hospital to say if I could get there imminently I could see Mr Hobby that morning.  I was there in a flash…

He sent me for an MRI scan and made the decision that he needed to operate.  Scarily he told me that if we had left it to heal in the plaster, my bone would have healed bent…glad I went  for that second opinion!! On Monday evening I went into surgery, it went really well and I now have a plate and screws in my radius and a screw holding my scaphoid in one piece.  Bionic woman.  The only blip was being kept in recovery for 3 hours because my heart rate and breathing rate was so low.  They had to call the doctor in, and in my dazed state I reminded them that I was an elite triathlete, and they finally let me go back up to the ward to sleep.

It’s a relief to know that my wrist is now, essentially, fixed.  It’s just a matter of waiting for the wound to heal, and the scaphoid needs to pull itself together.  This week is dedicated to sleeping, and mending myself.  I’ll be able to turbo and start running again next week when I get my temporary cast fitted.  Swimming has been strictly forbidden until my surgery wound is healed – the risk of getting an infection in my bones is just not worth having an extra week or so on dry land.   Having done no training for two weeks, I’m desperate to get back on it. I’m having a new cast fitted tomorrow, so I will then be able to ride my bike – on the turbo – and hopefully be given the green card to run.  Fingers crossed (because I can almost do that now) driving will be allowed too, so I can get out and meet training partners. I’m lucky to have to support of the team at St Mary’s Clinic, and Dr Charlie Pedlar – so even though I’m restricted to the turbo, I’ll be able to get in the lab there and get some solid, effective bike sessions in over the 4 weeks I’ll be in plaster.

I’m determined not to let a broken arm get the better of me.  Once I’m given the all clear to start training again, doing all my rehab, biking and running as much as possible.  By doing my dry land swimming drills I hope to be in the best shape possible when I can get back in the water.  My swimming coach Richard Stannard had a very similar injury last summer, and he managed to finish 5th at the World Aquathlon Championships just a few weeks later.  So I know it’s possible – I’ve seen it be done!!

The most annoying thing is that I haven’t been able to put my bike back together yet.  I really enjoy bike maintenance (weird, I know), and take great care of my bike, so am looking forward to getting it spruced up again.  Even if it is going to be on the trainer for a while.

My brother asked if I will be able to play the guitar when I get my cast removed.  I told him I didn’t see why not.  His response was ‘Good, because you couldn’t before you broke your wrist.’  Thanks Eddy…constructive humor….

Here’s to making the most out of a crappy situation.


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